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HR Excellence

HRM Systems Assessment & Improvement Services


Knowing the importance of Human Resources for success of every organization, we will try to help in identifying /achieving following objectives:

  • Assess Adequacy and Effectiveness of HR strategy, plans & programs, policies, systems & procedures in the light of Organisation Goals
  • Evaluate Effectiveness and efficiency of the HR operations
  • Help Organisation to move from HR Activities focus to Results & Outcomes focus
  • Report on Opportunities for Improvements and Suggested actions

Major Areas Covered:

  • HR Plans and Strategy
  • Manpower Planning and Recruitment Systems
  • Training : Planning, Imparting and Effectiveness
  • Career Planning & Succession Planning
  • Competency Management
  • Communication Channels and Effectiveness
  • Industrial Relations
  • Employees Involvement Initiatives and Effectiveness
  • Leadership Effectiveness, Values & Change Management
  • PMS
  • Recognition and Rewards
  • Customer Focus Culture in the Organisation
  • HR Cost Performance
  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Employees Satisfaction Measurement and Utilisation
  • HR Information Systems
  • HR Brand Image


It is a roadmap for implementing human resource practices that continually improve the capability of an organization’s human resources

A conceptual model based on state-of the –art workforce practices to help organizations:

  • Develop workforce required to execute business strategy
  • Characterize maturity of workforce capability
  • Set priorities for improving workforce capability
  • Integrate improvements in process and workforce
  • Become an employer of choice.